Retreat > Rejuvenate > Explore > Experience > Give > Repeat.

small spaces in open places: unique accommodation for adventurers, yogis and nature lovers


stay where you want to be :: be where you want to stay


Abide is a collection of contemporary small-space rentals in fascinating and beautiful places around the world. Customized for the low-key traveler who likes to experience the benefits of a ‘retreat’ experience, with options to explore, experience, and give to a unique part of the world. 

Each Abide space provides a unique modern aesthetic and set of minimalist-inspired facilities to contribute to a relaxing and calming experience.

Once you’ve begun to slow down and ‘find yourself’, you’ll invariably want to explore. Whether you're looking for a rejuvenating nature getaway, a cultural or artistic adventure or an exquisite locavore experience, we’ll give you the low-down. You get the full control of a short-term rental experience, including a fully-equipped modern kitchen, and all the local knowledge you need to experience the best the area has to offer.

Once you’ve replenished and rejuvenated your body and spirit, you might be ready to give. You may just want to give of yourself in smiles and conversation with locals (who always appreciate your friendliness), or you may want to give more tangibly of your time or energy to local environmental or social needs. If you feel the call, we’ll let you know how best you can help.


Each Abide "lifestyle pad" is situated in a beautiful and inspiring location. Outdoor space and proximity to nature and outdoor adventure is key, plus: great design (with a local twist), plenty of space to throw a yoga mat (supplied), excellent kitchen facilities, private gardens, and an uber-comfy bed. We also supply all the info you need to source great local food, experience local culture, as well as information on local yoga classes and outdoor activities like surfing, hiking, cycling and skiing.


Our spaces are designed to facilitate chilling. Lounge on the decks in our lush private gardens and let your mind dissolve into the sights and sounds of local nature. A highly functional kitchen and healthy local shopping recommendations will have you cooking up a storm in no time. And if you don't want to cook, we'll let you know where all the best nearby cafes, restaurants, and caterers are. If you want a massage or other therapy services we provide you with info on those too. 


Be inspired: explore, adventure, discover. Our "local's guide" provides maps, hiking and biking rides and all kinds of great local tips, as well as local services available for food, wine and cultural tours, adventure sports, cooking instruction and other unique experiences.


Live locally; immerse yourself in the taste, touch, sights, sounds, and feelings of being where you are.  


Filled up yet? Feel the need to serve? Want to give locally? If you feel the call to act, we’ll let you know how best you can help with local environmental and social endeavors.


Don't stop there. Abide is a retreat, an experience, an adventure, a lifestyle, a state of mind. Take it home with you. Live like this always.